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Our goal is to provide the opportunity for approximately 48 students to travel to Australia and share our culture of musical excellence with our fellow musicians at the Hale School and continue to impact young musicians around the world. Currently, our music students and their families are working on fundraising for this opportunity through community performances, grants and other organized events throughout the upcoming school year. For all students to attend, we are looking to raise $245,000 in total. We would be incredibly grateful for any contribution that you would be willing to donate for the Foxboro Music Department, to help make the experience more accessible to these committed and talented young musicians. Our music students would be happy to perform for one of your events in the future!  This experience has the potential to be life-changing for our students, and represents the culmination of a relationship that spans nearly a decade. We know how invested you are in Foxboro, the arts, and the deep ties you have with our community.

We are excited to represent Foxboro, and the music education community on our journey across the world!

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